Speech Recognition Today

Posted on: August 23rd, 2011 by Access Computer Technology

I’m currently reading Paul Allen‘s autobiography “Idea Man” and when I was in college I read Bill Gates‘ first autobiography. I remember a section in Gates’ book that talked about the beginning stages of Microsoft’s attempts at speech recognition. The program was nicknamed “Beach Wreck Ignition” because that’s how bad the system was — when you said “Speech Recognition” what the computer showed on the screen was “Beach Wreck Ignition.”

Speech recognition technology has gotten much better over the years. Mashable published an infographic by Medical Transcription that explains speech recognition technology and introduces some projects in development. Speech-recognition technology is making the world more accessible. Not only is it changing the way we use computers, but it is making our cellphones more useful and making our comes more connected.

Speech recognition still has a long ways to go, though. As Google will tell you, speech-recognition technology is challenging and complicated to implement. There are a lot of steps between you reciting a sentence and the computer or phone writing those words out on the screen.

To better explain the science and impact of automated speech recognition (ASR), Medical Transcription has created an infographic that goes through the technology behind ASR. It also explores some of the most interesting ASR projects in development.

Click here to see the infographic at Mashable.

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